The Speed of Technology

Okay, I’m not gonna lie. Technology moves pretty fast. And while we (being the younger generation) can adapt and find all kind of crazy things online, much of the older generation still doesn’t find value (or hasn’t been exposed to the value of) the online world.

What are some things the older generation can benefit from online?

  • Discount websites
  • Following Twitter users that offer deals
  • Online streaming and mail order movies
  • Free streaming television shows
  • Online shared calendars for the whole family

…and tons more. So do me a favor. If you have parents, show them all this fun stuff. I can guarantee you they’ll be blown away when they find out how simplified their lives can become with the internet. If you’re interested in seeing my thoughts, I posted up an article today that talks about the benefits of streaming television and mail order movies for the older generation.

Go check it out 🙂

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